Aug 27, 2012

Fitting In

Fitting in is the hardest part in high school. You're not a jock, or goth, emo, cheerleader, punk, or any of those things. You're just a kid that wants to have a good time. Popularity is the least of problems you should have in your mind. You might say, "but everyone treats me like crap!" Well, the problem might just be you. You are to blame for it and no one else. Take a good look at yourself. Are you doing any hobbies you like? or do you just submit yourself to media all day and do nothing? Most people that don't fit in don't have a hobby. Hobbies are extremely important for your health and you should know that. Oh by the way, Facebook is NOT a hobby, okay girls? In fact, staying on Facebook for more than 10 mins will make you feel sad. All you will get from Facebook is hunger and loneliness. Why hunger? Well, people seem to like posting pictures of their food and comment on how good it is. Why lonely? That pic your crush posted hugging that guy/girl you hate, followed by tons and tons of likes. On my following posts we will be reviewing the topic of integrity and high character. This is a little advanced, so i'll wrap this up. Next time you go to school, stop worrying. High school will fly by you in a matter of no time and soon you will forget all that affected you. Your life starts after high school, not in it. But while you're at it, find a friend or two to hang out, and try to get the ones that are worth spending time with. I mean real friends, not bad influences. Also, get decent clothes and comb your hair. Don't try to seek attention with the wrong stuff. Bottom line, finding a hobby is the easiest way to fit in in high school. You soon will find friends to hang out with that like the same stuff you do. Hobbies are great! Oh and also, THIS

Here We Go.

Oh! it's a post! Yes, i'm starting this blog. My mind is tired of holding all of this in, and i think it is time for people to see what i have to offer. First of all, this blog is dedicated to all of the teenagers out there that feel down, feel lost in time, and don't know where to go. I guarantee you will find some interesting information every time you stop by, no exceptions. Ranging from cool recipes of how to make a boring weekend an exciting one, cool video games to play, and the core part, heavy, real heavy philosophy and talks and rants about high school, life and other topics that will enlighten your day, thus making your day clearer, towards a happier life. Self help is very important. Furthermore, seeking self help by yourself is important too (i know none of you want to see a shrink. Its AWFUL). That being said, Lets all hope for something that will benefit you and your quality of life. Life is hard.